Unique bar accessories in india
Top 10 Unique Bar Accessories In India

Today we bring to you the 10 Most Unique Bar Accessories In India. If you are looking to make your home bar interesting or show off your unique and quirky bar accessories to your friends at your next house party, keep reading.

Top 10 Unique Bar Accessories In India

After searching a lot online, we found these 10 bar accessories that you can buy on Amazon. They are also a great gift for your loved ones if they like to collect quirky stuff or are setting up their home bar.

1Golf Bar Set

This unique golf-themed bar set is a perfect addition to your bar if you love a good game of golf. It contains bar accessories that are shaped in a golf trolley bag containing small bar accessories like an opener, a peg measure, a corkscrew opener, stirrers, etc shaped like golf clubs.

This is also a perfect gift for a man who loves golf or in general collects unique accessories. Thus, it has made its way to the top of our list of the most unique bar accessories in India.

2Trumpet Shaped Bottle Holder

This one is for the music lovers out there. Bottle holders are a good accessory to have in your home bar and this trumpet-shaped bottle holder is a perfect option. This handcrafted decorative bottle holder is made of metal and can easily hold a wine or liquor bottle.

If you are looking for some quirky bar accessories in India for your own bar or to gift it to your loved ones who like music, then this one is the perfect choice for you. Keep this on your bar along with your favorite bottle of wine and it will surely add a lot of decorative character to your home bar.

3Quirky Wooden Coasters

We all hate it when someone keeps their drink on the bar and the water or drink dripping from the edges makes your lovely bar wet. At such times, these quirky wooden coasters will come in very handy. They are the perfect mix of unique and quirky bar accessories in India that you can buy online.

They are made of wood and are not very expensive but will surely protect your bar from unwanted scratches or stains. They also have some quirky messages on them which will keep your bar atmosphere light.

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4Chess Board Box Hip Flash Set

The next one on our list of the Top 10 Unique Bar Accessories in India is this Hip Flask Set that comes in a box designed as a chessboard. It comes with a chess set with chess pieces and a chessboard on the top of the box.

The box contains a stainless steel and leather hip flask and a set of four cups and a funnel. Taking your home party outdoors? Take this set along with you and you’ll have a fun time with your friends for sure.

5Recycled Bottle Snack Serving Platter

If you prefer sustainable products for your bar, then this one will surely interest you. It is a recycled snack serving platter made from recycled (rather upcycled) glass bottles.

It comes in a variety of shapes so make sure you check all of them before buying one. Your guests will surely love this when they come for a house party at your place and you flaunt it along with your other quirky bar accessories.

6Wooden Cart Shaped Bottle & Glass Holder

The next product on our list of some of the most unique bar accessories in India is this handmade wooden cart-shaped bottle and glass holder. It can easily hold one full bottle of liquor or wine along with 2 glasses.

The most interesting part about this product is that the wheels actually work. You can easily pull and move this bottle holder across the table or the bar. Just remember that do not drink and drive 😉

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7High Heel Shoe Shaped Decanter

This one is for the ladies who have stumbled upon this article. This unique bar accessory is a glass decanter that is shaped into a woman’s high heel shoe. Decanters are great if you want to store your drinks in a personalized bottle.

It is hand-blown made from high-quality glass and can hold 350ml of liquid. It comes with an air-tight diamond-shaped plug that will keep your drinks fresh and avoid spillage.

8Wine Bottle Shaped Wine Tool Set

The wine connoisseurs are going to love this next product on our list of the Top 10 Unique Bar Accessories In India. This is a set of wine tools that comes in a container that is shaped like a wine bottle that closes with the help of magnets.

The set contains a Drip ring, pourer, and stopper that are made with high-quality stainless steel. There is also a corkscrew opener that is reinforced with aluminum alloy and a unique handle for an ergonomic grip so you can easily open any wine bottle.

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9Wall Mounted Bottle Opener With Cap Catcher

Are you tired of picking up the stray bottle caps thrown around your house after your party is over? Then this wall-mounted bottle opener with a cap catcher is a perfect accessory for you.

It can be mounted on the wall and people can easily open bottles with the opener and the caps will fall right into the cap catcher saving you from a lot of cleaning. It also comes in a unique vintage design with a retro look.

10Crystal Skull Decanter

If you are an evil villain or just someone who likes to collect quirky stuff, this product has to go on your bar. This glass crystal skull-shaped decanter is one of the most unique bar accessories in India and will surely spark conversations during your next house party.

It can hold liquids up to 1000 ml and can be used to hold vodka, whiskey, wine, or any liquor of your choice. Complete the set with these skull-shaped shot glasses.

This brings us to the end of our list of the Top 10 Unique Bar Accessories In India. Do not forget to check out our other article about the Best Whiskey Glasses In India.

Warning: Consumption of alcohol is bad for your health. We do not promote or endorse it. Alcohol in limited quantities is fine but excessive use can have catastrophic consequences in your health and life. So drink responsibly and never drink and drive.

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