Most Comfortable Gym T-Shirts For Men In India
Most Comfortable Gym T-Shirts For Men In India

Most of us who go to the gym regularly, do not think much about what we wear during the workouts. While shopping for gym wear, we simply buy the activewear t-shirts and pants that we see online or on the shelves.

We seldom think about how comfortable they would be to wear during the workouts. Thus, in this article, we bring you the most comfortable gymwear for men in India that will keep you comfortable no matter the type of workout that you do. It’s time to ditch your old gym wear and overhaul your workout wardrobe into something that will become a part of your daily workout routine.

Recently, while researching the most comfortable gymwear for men in India, we came across an idea that stood out from the others. That idea was to make sustainable active streetwear that is comfortable and stylish at the same time and can also be used for workouts and training.

What Is Sustainable Active-Streetwear?

Sustainable active streetwear incorporates the principles of sustainable clothing while being trendy and comfortable everyday wear that is used for exercising, workouts, leisure, travel, and other such activities.

Wondering what is sustainable clothing? Sustainable clothing simply means the designing, manufacturing, distribution, and use of clothes in an environment-friendly way.

The manufacturers of sustainable clothing source their raw materials from organic and ethical sources and even their packaging and final product are environmentally friendly and bio-degradable.

From the above-mentioned fact, it is clear that most of the gymwear out there contains plastic which is not comfortable and also hazardous to the environment.

Thus, it is essential to be aware of what goes into the production of the clothes that you wear to the gym so that you can remain comfortable during your workouts. And the products that are listed in this article do just that!

Introducing KSHM – The Best Sustainable Active Streetwear Brand In India

most comfortable gymwear for men in india
Most Comfortable Gymwear For Men In India From The Kshm By Core Asana

Now that you have a fair idea of what sustainable active streetwear is, we present to you a homegrown Indian brand that follows the same ideology. With Kshm, everything from sourcing the raw material to crafting the final product is done with keeping sustainability in mind.

To produce their outfits, Kshm uses a special fabric called Tencel, a cellulosic fiber obtained from wood pulp using recyclable solvents. It is a certified biodegradable fabric that is known for its luxurious hand feel, breathability & kindness to the skin and is produced from sustainably sourced wood by environmentally responsible processes. Also, for the super comfortable and versatile everyday pants, they chose natural cotton, which is organically dyed from vegetable and fruit remains.

They have eliminated the use of plastic completely in the production of these clothes which will give you comfort and keeps you safe from the ill effects of using clothes made from unnatural materials.

The dyes used for dyeing these clothes are made from naturally occurring ingredients and approved by Global Organic Textile Standards to ensure that they do not cause any rashes or irritation on your skin. Kshm also goes a step beyond in the production process to ensure that there is no wastage and no harmful chemicals are released into the environment.

Finally, the packaging of these products is eco-friendly and made of 100% recycled paper, and doesn’t involve any plastic that will end up in the rivers and oceans. Plus, they also come in a reusable cotton bag that you can use to store or carry your clothes.

Apart from being sustainable, the active streetwear collection is one of the most comfortable gymwear for men in India. Their outfits made from the Tencel material are lightweight and allow free movement to the wearer. The fabric is breathable and has enough room across body parts for training & comfort lounging.

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Top 5 Most Comfortable Gymwear For Men In India

Below are our top 5 picks for the most comfortable gymwear for men in India from Kshm.

1Big Chill Flapper pants

Big Chill Flapper pants From Kshm

Whether you’re chilling with your crew on the streets or pumping iron in the gym, these big chill flapper pants are sure to keep you relaxed and fresh. Made from soft natural cotton, these pants have a straight fit and come with an elastic waistband with a patch drawstring.

They have a tapered silhouette and elevated seaming to give you the most relaxed experience in your activities. They are a perfect outfit for light-impact activities and low-intensity workouts like jogging, brisk walking, yoga, and so on.

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2Boxate Pleated Pants

Boxate Pleated Pants From Kshm

The next product on our list of the Top 5 Most Comfortable Gymwear For Men In India is this pair of boxate pleated pants. They are made out of natural cotton and have a balloon fit with a tapered bottom. The best part about these pants is how effortlessly they make you feel comfortable while being stylish at the same time.

These pants will make your leg day at the gym a refreshing experience as they are super comfy and naturally lightweight. Their texture is soft on the skin and they will also keep you dry and cool throughout your workout.

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3Lasso Shorts

Lasso Shorts From Kshm

Coming to the bottom wear category on our list of the Top 5 Most Comfortable Gymwear For Men In India are these sporty lasso shorts. These shorts are tailored with precision and can be stretched up to two sizes to allow free movement.

Perfect for training and comfort lounging, these lasso shorts come with panel-cut sides and a custom curved hem to maximize performance. The feel of these shorts is very smooth on the skin and keeps you dry and comfy no matter how intense your workout is.

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4Lopsided Oversize Tee

Lopsided Oversized Gym T-Shirt For Men From Kshm

This lopsided oversized tee is one of our favorite picks when it comes to the most comfortable gymwear for men in India. It is made of Tencel fibers that make the tee breathable and keeps you dry and cool during the workout.

Everything about this outfit speaks of comfort as it has a great feel to it due to its unique texture. The fabric is such that it won’t allow sweat to remain on the shirt and keep your upper body from feeling wet and sticky giving you free movement for your exercises.

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5Free Tap Tank Tee

Free Tap Tank Tee From Kshm

If you prefer sleeveless tank tops, the Free Tap Tank Tee is your perfect companion for your workouts. Specifically designed for yoga and training, this tank tee can also be used for running, light exercises, and comfort lounging.

This tee is also made from Tencel fibers and allows a wide range of free movements along with minimum seams to reduce chafing. It also comes in two chic colors called ‘heather rose’ and ‘riverside’.

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FAQs About The Most Comfortable Gymwear For Men In India

Which is the most comfortable gym t-shirt for men in India?

The lopsided oversized gym tee from Kshm is the most comfortable gym t-shirt for men in India as it is made from natural fibers which are lightweight and breathable.

Which are the most comfortable gym shorts for men in India?

The most comfortable gym shorts for men in India are the lasso shorts from Kshm which are very soft in texture and give you a wide range of movement for all types of leg workouts.

Which material is most comfortable for gym outfits?

The materials like Tencel that are sourced naturally are the most comfortable for gym outfits as compared to artificial materials.

Which is the best brand for sustainable gymwear for men in India

The brand Kshm by Core Asana is the best brand of sustainable gymwear for men in India as they produce high-quality outfits that are super comfortable yet good for the environment.


When it comes to the most comfortable gymwear for men in India, sustainable active streetwear should be your number one choice. Not only does it keep you comfortable during your workouts, but you also get the satisfaction of doing your bit to save the environment. In short, you feel good, look good and do good all by simply switching to sustainable active streetwear.

Shop for the active streetwear collection on the official website of Kshm by Core Asana.

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