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“Being Expressive Is Always Impressive” – Maitrayee Bhuyan on ‘What Women Want’

Are you always wondering what women look for in a man? What do they like and what they don’t? How should you dress or behave in order to impress women? Then you are not alone. These questions have bothered men for ages and with our little initiative called ‘What Women Want’, we have attempted to get closer, to answering these questions.

Today we present the ravishing Maitrayee Bhuyan, who is a model and an influencer on Instagram. One look at her Instagram profile will sweep you off your feet and today she has shared some secrets with us.

Below are some highlights of our exclusive interview with Maitrayee Bhuyan.

Q) Tell us a little about Maitrayee Bhuyan

So to begin with, M in my name *Maitrayee* would stand for being Magical
For I see magic in every little thing life offers to me!

For I see magic in every little thing life offers to me! An MBA and a fashion enthusiast. I see opportunity in exploring oneself. ‘Better an OOPS than a WHAT IF!

Q) What type of dressing do you think men should avoid?

There’s no particular type to it. It varies from person to person; Depending on their complexion, height, physique, etc. Most importantly carrying it off well matters the most! Classy & minimalistic is always a win-win though!

Q) What tips do you want to give to men who are scared or not confident of talking to women?

Firstly, why to be even reluctant? Confidence is a turn-on. Being expressive is always impressive! Put ur best black/white shirt on and GO FOR IT BOII!

Tips for men on how to impress a woman

  • Be polite and nice. A smile is always so heartwarming
  • Always wear a decent pair of shoes
  • Wear a good perfume and a fresh breath is a must
  • A semi-Formal look is a killer for me
  • Oh! A branded leather belt, please!

Maitrayee Bhuyan Shares Dressing Tips For Men

For beginners, I would suggest keeping it classy and bare minimalistic.
It counts for an effortless well-groom. For the Stylistazz out there, don’t hesitate to experiment.
Wear pink, red, greens. We girls love colors, don’t we! Summing up
, Black/white shirt with blue jeans when confused!

Put on that printed tee, ripped denim & funky accessories to a popped-up and lively day.

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