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The Story Of Irfan Khan Yousafzai – A Successful Model Who Has Worked With More Than 100 Brands

Irfan Khan Yousafzai, who is a popular influencer and also worked with big brands like Morris Garages (MG Hector), Myntra and Amazon shares his secrets in this exclusive interview.

Sharp looks, a humble personality, and a never-ending pursuit of excellence in his profession made Irfan Khan Yousafzai what he is today. A highly successful model and influencer.

In today’s article, he has shared his journey on how he worked his way to the top of the modeling world and got an opportunity to work with hundreds of brands like Morris Garages (MG Hector), Myntra and Amazon.

About Irfan Khan Yousafzai

Irfan Khan Yousafzai is a dynamic, energetic, and full-of-life model hailing from Lucknow. At the young age of 24 years, he has been the face of over 100 brands, an avid social media influencer, and an official influencer at Myntra Studio and Amazon!

That’s not all. He was recognized as the ‘Mr. Photogenic Face of The Year’ in a fashion pageant, 7 years ago at the tender age of 17 years. Ever since he never looked back and has pursued his passion for clothing and experimental fashion.

Nothing is stopping this cannonball! And we are pleased to get an opportunity to interact with him.

Irfan Khan Yousafzai Interview With Men’s Guide India Magazine

Irfan Khan Yousafzai – Model & Influencer

Below are some highlights of our conversation with Irfan Khan Yousafzai.

Q) How did you get started in the modeling industry? What were your first assignments?

I used to get a lot of compliments for standing out from the crowd and looking apart. I always took them lightly, and thought to myself, when will this leg-puling stop. It was until my 11th standard when I pushed myself to compete in a fashion pageant in Lucknow, where to my surprise, I was crowned, ‘The Mr. Photogenic Face of the Year’ at the age of 17. I was the youngest among all.

From there on, one thing lead to another and I landed up becoming a model and fashion influencer. Though I was passionate about fashion and determined to pursue it as a career, my parents had other plans and I was convinced to pursue college in Business Studies. However, pursuing my college was one thing, and committing to it was another.

I could not let go of my urge to pursue modeling and continued to do projects throughout my college days. After graduation, I knew exactly, what I had to do and there has been no looking back ever since.

Irfan Khan Yousafzai getting felicitated as Mr. Photogenic Face of the Year at the age of 17 at a fashion pageant in Lucknow

Q) What were the initial challenges that you faced while getting into the modeling industry?

Making in the modeling industry isn’t an easy task, you should have a lot of patience to stand out in the market, First few years were too hard for me without any work as you know the competition is too high in the field, I have come across some wrong people also in the industry, I struggled a lot finding work.

During my initial years of struggle, I was under immense pressure to succeed and carve my way out, from the situation I was in. This constant reminder, I gave myself to succeed, is what kept me motivated to persistently push my limits. Motivation, alone cannot help you scale a mountain, but with some complimentary efforts, you are sure to meet success.

I gave so many auditions and luckily for once, I got selected for a brand print shoot. Since then I didn’t stop and pushed myself for being better every day and kept on making my place in the industry. I eventually started getting work, and soon I was doing collaborations, ramp walks at fashion shows, print shoots, catalogs, and the works. In the past, I have worked with over 100 brands, been part of ad campaigns, and am currently a part of Myntra Studio as an official influencer.

Q) What is the biggest break that you got as a model till now? Any big brands that you collaborated with?

As a model, I think I’ve worked with over 100 brands till now alhamdulillah, so I can’t say which brand was the biggest brand as I only work with reputed brands only.
But yeah I did some corporate ad films which gave me enough exposure and I can call it my biggest breaks.
I even worked with Morris Garages recently and I would prefer it a Big Brand as you asked.

Q) You have now become a role model for many but who are your role models?

When I stepped into this career, I did not have anyone to guide me apart from myself.
For me, the desire to become successful is the biggest motivator, and who better to motivate than yourself.

But if you ask about role models, that’s my parents, who always supported me and my decisions and never stopped me from chasing my dreams.

Q) What is your all time favorite outfit?

My all-time favorite outfit is anything semi-formals and casuals with simple colors, which are classy and elegant at the same time comfortable and suitable for any time of the day.

Q) What is one thing that you will never find in Irfan’s wardrobe? Any type of clothing that you never like to wear?

Vibrant clothes, I don’t like too much vibrant and colorful outfits. You will not find too much vibrant or colorful clothes in my wardrobe, I like simple yet classy clothing, which is enough to make you look attractive in any season!

Irfan Khan Yousafzai A Fashion And Lifestyle Influencer During One Of His Shoots

Q) What are your future plans in your career?

As I told you earlier I’m trying every day to be a better person, I’m still a learner and I learn from everything so that it helps me to grow more. I have decided that I would keep on pushing myself and try to work with bigger and better brands for hoping a better future.

Q) What advice would you give to people who want to pursue modeling as a career in India?

Patience, Persistence, and Hard Work are the virtues I strictly abide by, If I were to put myself in a newcomer’s shoes today, I would be terrified. Just as I was myself when I started.

I’ll be candid here, when I chose this career, I had no prior experience or mentor to guide me into this journey which lay ahead. My biggest fear was uncertainty, I was never sure if I would be absorbed in the fashion industry or not. Would I get any work from brands, and how would it all work, kept me awake at night.

Along with this, the fear of being left out by rising competition and the bleak possibility of success made me uncomfortable. However, now when I look back and see, I am glad that I took that first step.

So my advice to a newcomer would be to strap up, and go for it, have patience, believe in yourself, and your honest efforts.

irfan khan yousafzai
Irfan Khan Yousafzai featured on this month’s digital cover of Men’s Guide India Magazine

This was our story about another inspiration and remarkable personality. You can read more inspirational stories submitted by our readers in the section of MGI Stories.

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