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How To Improve Your Personality To Impress Women – An Indian Man’s Ultimate Guide

Presenting the ultimate guide for ‘How To Improve Your Personality To Impress Women‘. Have you ever wondered whether you have a good enough personality that can woo anyone? At times you may feel a little unconfident about yourself but trust me, it is only your mindset that keeps you from believing in yourself.

You might have thought about improving your personality for a specific reason. It could be to achieve confidence in your professional work or while interacting in your social circles but today we will talk about only one reason. How can you impress women with your personality? is it even possible? Do women only look for good looks, a good body, or a man’s bank balance while falling in love with them?

Well to an extent these things do matter but not really that much. Most women look for a good personality in a man. If you come across a woman who is concerned only about good looks or your bank balance, then it is good to stay away from her.

What women really want?

When we want to talk about how to improve our personality to impress women, we first need to understand what women really want. We need to know their likes and dislikes, the things that make them happy and the things that make them sad, the things that matter to them and those that don’t, and a lot of other stuff. Figuring out what goes on in a woman’s mind is more difficult than figuring out the most complex problems in nuclear astrophysics.

But we don’t want to scare you with this. We need to see the big picture and discover what qualities most women want in their dream man.

What do you mean by a ‘Good Personality’

When we Indians say ‘personality’ it usually means how you appear in others’ eyes. Some part of it is your physical appearance like the way you look, your build, your walking gait, posture and other physical things that people notice in you visually. Then there is the other part. Things that people don’t see with their eyes. These are intangible traits that you have like your talking style, the sound of your voice, your manners and etiquette, etc.

Thus, when we say a man has a ‘good personality’ we usually mean that he has the right combination of all the things mentioned above. A man may have the looks of a Greek God but if he lacks etiquette and manners, he definitely has a bad personality.

On the other hand, a man may be so average looking that you may not even notice him but he could be so well-behaved and has very good qualities as a human being giving him a good personality. We are nobody to judge who is good and who is bad but eventually, this is what society demands.

What type of personality do you already have?

how to improve your personality to impress women

Before you try to get on this mission of improving your personality in order to impress women, you need to see what type of personality you already have. When you say that you want to ‘improve’ your personality, does it mean that you have a terrible personality?

Because you ‘improve’ something that is not good. You don’t already have a bad personality. It is just your behavior that you show after being conditioned for all these years throughout your life. Thus, what you really need to do is figure out the good and bad qualities in your personality and try to improve wherever required.

How To Improve Your Personality To Impress Women

Now that we know the basics, let’s move on to our main topic which is ‘How To Improve Your Personality To Impress Women’. If you really want to know how to impress women, you need to follow this guide very carefully. By the end of this guide, we are sure that you will learn a lot about how to improve your personality to attract women.

First, we need an action plan. To create an action plan that will take you on a journey to improve your personality, we have identified some factors that you need to improve in your daily life.

Improving Your Physical Appearance

Yes, we agree that looks don’t matter but that doesn’t mean that you completely ignore your physical appearance. Women may not want to have a handsome hunk as their partner but they deserve to have a presentable man who gives out a good first impression. Thus, you need to improve your physical appearance and we have listed the points that you need to improve below.

The Barber Is Your Best Friend

When it comes to a personality overhaul, the barber is your best friend. Keeping yourself well groomed is not optional but mandatory if you want to know how to impress women. Women will notice that you take care of yourself and are not lazy to keep your appearance good. Regular haircuts and a well-maintained beard or a clean shaved look will automatically improve your overall look thus adding a positive trait to your personality.

Wardrobe Overhaul Maybe?

Talking about ‘How To Improve Your Personality To Impress Women’, one thing can not be overlooked and that is your dressing. Women are experts in this field and will definitely notice what you wear. If you don’t already wear good clothes then you need a trip to your favorite mall and buy some good outfits for yourself. And don’t forget shoes. Women notice your shoes and if you’re wearing bad shoes, you may lose some brownie points.

This doesn’t mean you need to go out there and buy the most expensive and branded stuff. Wear clothes that properly fit you. Dress appropriately for the occasion and most importantly wear freshly washed clothes.

Hit The Gym

We don’t recommend you to be the next Ronnie Coleman or an MMA champion but keeping yourself in shape and staying fit helps a lot in first impressions. Regular exercise will keep you in good shape and apart from making you look attractive, there are two more huge benefits of it. One is that you will remain healthy and fit and the other is that it will boost your confidence to the next level.

Most of us men who are not physically attractive are constantly worried when we want to approach women because we feel that they will judge us even if they are not judging us based on our looks. If you are physically fit, you don’t have to worry about this and can approach women with more confidence. Thus, if you want to improve your personality to attract women, you need to hit the gym.

Deodorants and Perfumes Were Invented For A Purpose

And that is to make you smell fresh and good. It’s basic human hygiene to keep yourself smelling good. We are not cavemen anymore thus we don’t want to smell like them. Nobody likes a man who smells bad let alone women. It is an instant repulsive factor and women will not be comfortable around you if you have body odor.

To fight it use a good deo after having a bath and if possible try to wear a good perfume. To make your job easier, we have compiled a list of the best perfumes for men in India.

Improving Your Etiquettes

Etiquettes: (noun) the customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group.

Now that you know what etiquettes mean, it’s time to implement them in your daily life. Having good etiquette and manners will help you become a better person and make you a hit among the ladies. That is because ladies like to hang out with men who show good etiquette. Now let us look at what exactly you need to make this happen.

Be Courteous

Showing courtesy is very important if you want to score some good points in the eyes of a woman. Whenever you meet her, you need to show how polite you are towards others. For example, when you visit a restaurant with your crush, show respect to the waiters and restaurant staff. This will show her that you respect others and will also treat her with care in the future. Especially your in-laws.

Show Empathy & Generosity

Another good life quality to have is showing empathy and generosity for others people especially if they are less fortunate than you. We are not saying that you donate half of your salary to an NGO but a small noble gesture here and there will help you gain some serious brownie points in the eyes of your woman.

It could be a simple act like helping an old lady cross the road or buying a homeless kid a pack of biscuits. A woman will silently notice this value in you and will immediately show that your personality is that of a genuine guy.

Have Good Manners

If you would have listened to your parents when you were a kid, we are sure you already have good manners. If not then, you need to improve in this field. Showing good manners is a mark of a true gentleman and also leaves a good impression on the ladies. Behaving like a gentleman and showing manners, even good table manners, will get you a long way in your journey to improve your personality to impress women.

Include good manners in your daily life like saying ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ more often, holding the door for the person behind you, opening doors for people, sharing your food with others, being punctual, and showing respect to others’ time, cover your mouth while sneezing or yawning, give way to others while driving and a lot more.

Get rid of bad manners like talking loudly on your phone, making noise while chewing food, passing personal remarks behind other people’s backs, gossiping, etc. Once you start following this and make it a habit in your daily routine, it will surely improve your personality by leaps and bounds.

Improve Your Speaking Skills

If you want to know how to improve your personality to impress women, one essential life skill that you need to improve on is your speaking skills in public as well as in one on one interactions. Here you need to work on two main facets of your speech namely ‘the way you speak’ and ‘what you speak’.

The Way You Speak

Your personality reflects a lot from the way you speak. If you speak in a loud and harsh manner, you will not only sound obnoxious but also instantly cause women to repel away from you. Being soft-spoken is the way to go. Try to speak in a calm and composed manner whatever the situation may be. Do not shout at people even when you are angry. Stay calm and try to talk sense.

This doesn’t mean that you speak softly even when someone deserves a piece of your mind. In this case, you need an assertive stance rather than an aggressive stance of speaking. If you want to know about it in detail, we found this excellent article about how to be assertive instead of being aggressive.

What You Speak

No matter how soft-spoken you are, if you speak the wrong words, you put your personality at threat. As we discussed above, show courtesy and respect when you are talking to women and always treat them in a proper way. Never make personal remarks about their appearance or their shortcomings.

One very important thing to remember while talking to women is that you need to keep complimenting them once in a while. Don’t overdo it but a casual compliment that doesn’t sound too obvious will definitely make you sound attractive to women.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

We learned that in school but we rarely follow this advice in our lives. If you want to add a great character to your personality, you need to take this advice seriously. Women love men who are honest with them and we are not lying about this. Some women have lie detectors built in their brains and can instantly sense men lying to them.

Try to be as honest as possible in your conversations about yourself like what you do, who you hang out with, what are your dreams, etc. Another good thing about being honest is that you don’t have to constantly worry about what you need to do if the woman catches your lies.

Improve Your Vocabulary

Learn to speak in a proper way instead of talking like teenagers who talk with each other during online gaming sessions. A woman doesn’t like men who talk garbage and use foul language. Learn some good words and some good concepts that will make you look like a learned and mature person.

Say Things That They Want To Hear

Try to gain knowledge about things that matter to women. She may not be interested when you talk to her about how awesome your new motorcycle exhaust system is but she might always remember that one time when you spoke to her about how awesome her grandmother’s recipes are. This is probably the most important thing on this list so you better tattoo this on the inside of your brain.

Improve Your Personality Traits

Coming to the last part of this ultimate guide about ‘How to improve your personality to impress women’, we will not talk about identifying the personality traits you already possess and how you can improve them in order to accomplish this mission of impressing women.

Personality traits mean the qualities that you have within you. For example, you might be reserved or outgoing, an introvert or an extrovert, patient or impatient, and many more. No human is perfect and thus we all have a mix of there traits either good or bad. Below we have tried to list down some of these traits that women may like or they won’t. Go easy on us because we have tried to unlock some things that has baffled scientists and great thinkers since ages.

Disclaimer: For the purpose of this article, we have taken into consideration women as an entirety and not a particular type or set of women. Just like us men, all women are different and they have their own likes and dislikes. So some of the things that one woman likes other women won’t. But if you look at most women in general, we have come up with a list of all the personality traits that women like and do not like.

Personality Traits That Women Admire

Below are some personality traits that women prefer to have in their men. Try to inculcate these within you if you already don’t possess them. If you already have them, keep working on making it even better. Thus, most women like men who are:

  1. Honest
  2. Courteous
  3. Extroverts
  4. Confident
  5. Cultured
  6. Optimistic
  7. Trustworthy
  8. Reliable
  9. Courageous
  10.  Independent
  11. Humble
  12. Assertive

Personality Traits That Women Do Not Admire

Most women do not like men who are

  1. Sarcastic
  2. Arrogant
  3. Lazy
  4. Impulsive
  5. Pessimistic
  6. Malicious
  7. Unfair
  8. Rude
  9. Self-Centered
  10. Unambitious
  11. Bossy
  12. Unruly

Thus, if you have any one of these traits, you might want to get rid of them.

This brings us to the end of this article about ‘How to improve your personality to impress women’. This was our small attempt at making our brothers aware of some things that we hope make them a better person and set an example for their generations to come.

For any suggestions/feedback about this article, you may write to us at [email protected]


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