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Hunk Harsh Biography And Exclusive Interview With MGI Magazine on His Journey To YouTube Stardom

Exclusive interview with YouTube star Hunk Harsh on how he became a YouTube sensation and garnered a devoted following of thousands of men who seek advice about Men's Fashion & Grooming

We all dream of becoming famous one day. Some succeed and some keep trying. But there is a small bunch of people who do not stop even after they have succeeded and aim for higher goals after achieving what they wanted.

Today we bring you the story of one such extraordinary individual who, within a span of just a couple of years, became a YouTube sensation and has garnered a dedicated following through his exceptional content.

His name is Harsh Patil, better known as ‘Hunk Harsh’. He is a famous YouTuber and an Influencer who creates content about Men’s Grooming, Fashion, and Lifestyle. His content is about the issues that matter to most men, thus he has managed to gain more than 31 Million views and half a million subscribers on his YouTube channel titled Hunk Harsh.

Who Is Hunk Harsh?

Hunk Harsh one of the Best Men’s Fashion and Grooming Verified YouTubers in India. He gives Men’s Fashion, Grooming & Lifestyle Tips in His Videos. He is also an Amazon Verified Blogger.

Apart from being such a successful content creator, Hunk Harsh is also a qualified IT Professional who has done BSC in Information Technology. He is a very humble and simple guy who loves pets and is passionate about music and photography.

Check Out ‘How To Transform Yourself’ in this video by Hunk Harsh from his YouTube Channel

Before we dive into the highlights of our interview with Hunk Harsh, let us have a look at some of the facts about him.

Hunk Harsh Biography & Profile

  • Real Name: Harsh Patil
  • Pet Name: Harsh, Piyush
  • Known As: Hunk Harsh
  • Date Of Birth: 11th December 1998
  • Age: 23 Years (As Of July 2021)
  • Educational Qualification: BSC (IT)
  • Food Habit: Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian
  • Smoking: No
  • Drinking Alcohol: No
  • Birthplace: India
  • Hometown: Mumbai
  • Profession: YouTuber, Model
  • Favorite Sports: Karate, Football
  • Favorite Color: Black, Tan, Olive
  • Hobbies: Making Videos, PC Gaming, Music, Photography
  • Hair Color: Black/Light Brown
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Height: 5’9”
  • Weight: 73 Kg
  • Social Handle: Instagram: @hunk_harsh; YouTube: Hunk Harsh
  • Contact Info: [email protected]

Hunk Harsh’s Exclusive Interview With Men’s Guide India Magazine

We were thrilled when we got an opportunity to interview Harsh and being the darling that he is, he agreed to divulge some personal details about him and some awesome tips for men and his followers.

Here are some highlights from our exclusive interview with Hunk Harsh:

Q) How was your childhood? Were you a naughty kid or a quiet one?

I was born and raised in Mumbai. I feel I’m a very silent person since my childhood. Someone who talks very little. I mostly like to be with myself. During my childhood, I had a great interest in sports, ‘Karate’ was something I was keen to indulge in.

Hunk Harsh
Hunk Harsh (Harsh Patil) In His Early Years Before He Became A Famous YouTuber

Q) What was your experience during your college days?

I qualified with BSC (IT), and during my college days I remember, I was the only one who used to take an interest and part in dramas, plays, and other extra-curricular activities. Gradually, I started loving stage performances in college events and short films.

Eventually, I got the opportunity to do print shoots during my college days and I used to do it with very less income. I belong to a middle-class family, so, I hardly use to get any pocket money to deal with my daily expenses.

Q) How did you get into the profession of YouTube and content creation?

After completing BSCIT successfully, I started working in the IT sector, but I never had an interest in it. Actually, I never enjoyed that routine to rush daily from 10 to 6, working for 8 hours, every day same routine. I used to get many compliments for my style and looks. Several times, my friends used to take suggestions from me to enhance their looks, like hair care, style, and personality-related things, and even I use to love sharing and helping with tips, tricks, and DIY with them.

So I just thought to come up on YouTube and share on it. Initially, I started making motivational videos by doing voice-overs, as I didn’t have that confidence to face a camera and not even a good phone to start with. Later on, I tried putting my videos on Fashion, Style, Grooming, Hairstyle, Fitness, Personality Development, Men’s Lifestyle, and so on.

Slowly and gradually my viewers started increasing. I started receiving a lot of daily messages and emails, for which I thank all viewers for showing so much love and support. I feel so much blessed.

A lot of people ask me regarding the title ‘HUNK HARSH’, where this idea came from? Honestly speaking, I never thought of this title deeply before it got famous, I just kept it randomly and started making and sharing videos and it got famous on its own.

-Harsh Patil aka Hunk Harsh

Q) What were the challenges that you faced in the early days of your career?

Initially, I faced a lot of challenges, as I did not have a camera or even a good phone to make a proper video, but I didn’t give up, and I made 150K subscribers by using the same old phone that I had. Indeed, no one supports anyone in their struggling period, one has to face too much criticism and the same thing happened with me.

Lack of support and too much criticism. Even some of my friends use to make fun of me and few used to think, that I am just passing my time. I just want to say that ‘BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. THE MOMENT YOU START BELIEVING IN YOURSELF, YOU WIN HALF THE BATTLE.

Q) What was the turning point of your career as a famous YouTube star?

YouTube has changed my life a lot. I have been connected with many good people in my life. When I got connected with global brands and got featured on their ads, I felt that YES, I have achieved something and there are many more achievements to come my way. I never bragged of whatever I had or have, Instead, I always feel thankful for it.

Hunk Harsh A Highly Successful YouTube Star Who Has More Than 31 Million Views On YouTube & Almost Half a Million Subscribers

Q) What is your daily routine for content creation?

I do a lot of things in my daily routine to add to my content creation like practicing Photo-shoots, Photo editing, music editing, scriptwriting, which are my interest and ultimately part of my content creation.

Q) What message do you want to give to men who are insecure about their looks?

I receive messages daily on my Instagram & YouTube, that they need suggestions, tips tricks to improve their looks, personality, texture, and I find them to be too much insecure with their looks.

I feel very bad for them, bad not because they are having problems with their looks, but because they feel so insecure about their looks and they compare themselves with others and judge themselves. I still remember my initial days when I had neither looks nor personality. I also did the same mistake with myself.

I will just say to my viewers that never ever compare yourself to others. Almighty, has created everyone beautiful in their original form, you just have to maintain yourself and take a little care of yourself.

I will just say to my viewers that never ever compare yourself to others. Almighty, has created everyone beautiful in their original form, you just have to maintain yourself and take a little care of yourself.

-Harsh Patil aka Hunk Harsh

Even I always try to bring the best tips, tricks, and DIY which are very helpful and supportive to improve yourself through my videos by following it. But never ever judge or compare yourself to others and don’t keep yourself demotivated.

I am telling you all this as my brothers. It may take a little time, but slowly and gradually you will see a great difference and best results in you, with a little trust in yourself.

Hunk Harsh – Follow his On Instagram @hunk_harsh and Watch Him On YouTube on his channel Hunk Harsh

Q) What are your future plans? Any new projects that you are working on?

I just want to reach maximum people and bring change in them, by helping them to meet their best version, for that I am working hard to bring unique and effective content. And, I am also working on many projects that you all will come to know about soon.

Q) How different is your life now as compared to the one before you became a YouTuber?

As a YouTuber, I feel very much structured, that I have, such a platform, where I can reach many people to help and support them. I cross many peoples who greet me very nicely click photos with me, I feel so blessed, that I am adding value in others’ life and make them happy. I got an opportunity to connect with many peoples, brands. Being a YouTuber, I have learned a lot from them.

Q) What is the side of Hunk Harsh that many people are not aware of?

Telling about Hunk Harsh, so Hunk Harsh is a little different from what you see on screen and in real life. I am a very simple guy and behave differently. Many times, I receive messages on YouTube, Instagram and I try to reply to many of them, but I am not able to reply to everyone. Some get missed, but I try to reach many.

Some people must be thinking that I‘m arrogant, but it’s not like that my friends. You all can meet me anytime and even I would like to interact with you all. I would just describe myself in three words as a simple, private, performer.

Hunk Harsh A YouTube Star And A Men’s Grooming & Fashion Content Creator

Q) What message do you want to give to your fans and followers?

I will just say to my viewers, who are more like a family to me that, thank you so much for the love and support, that you have shown me, because of which Hunk Harsh is there. So just keep your love and support like this towards me and I promise that I will not promote any fake products or brands and present them in front of you, which will harm you or your money.

We are working with many brands and even some brands give us good offers, but many times we reject most of them, whenever we feel that the brand or product is not good. Because I know my viewers trust me and they are very much valuable to me. I will never ever break their trust, so thank you so much for your love and support from Harsh.

“Hunk Harsh Believes all men can look good, feel good, and be good. Whatever they want to achieve, it starts with self-confidence, and that’s what Harsh is all about

-Harsh Patil aka Hunk Harsh

Hunk Harsh Featured On This Edition Of Men’s Guide India Magazine

Men’s Guide India – A Premier Men’s Lifestyle Magazine In India

This was our exclusive interview with YouTube star Hunk Harsh. If you are someone or know someone with a similarly inspiring story, we would be glad to feature it. Get in touch with us via any of our social media handles or write to us at [email protected]


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