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When anyone thinks about fashion, they think of style, class, and most importantly comfort. Fashion is nothing without comfort. This is why everyone needs a shirt from Huggun in their closet.

Huggun is a casual wear shirt brand made in India. Although this brand is new, there is no doubt it is here to stay and will stand the test of time.

The name Huggun means comfort. So rest assured this brand is out to provide 100% comfort to every single man who wears it.

The best part is this comfort comes at no loss to men. Huggun provides comfort while still exuding an immense amount of style and class.

This brand caters to all sizes available, ranging from Small to Medium, Large, and Extra large. Each shirt is made from the best quality cotton and in-depth attention is paid to each pattern, each stitch, and each fold.

Huggun shirts have racked up nothing less than a 4.5-star review on esteemed e-commerce sites like Amazon. 

Huggun shirts are also available in varying patterns, prints, and colors. its numerous designs are bound to be a match for each individual’s style and aesthetic. These shirts are suitable for any occasion, whether casual, semi-casual, or formal.

Here are 5 Huggun shirts that will be an invaluable addition to your closet.

1Huggun Stripes Casual Shirt

This premium simple striped shirt is made from premium cotton and features a collared neck accompanied by elbow-length sleeves. This Huggun Stripes casual shirt goes perfectly with jeans for informal occasions and with a suit for formal occasions.

It is available in maroon, olive green, and white.

2Huggun Solids Shirt

This Oxford solid pattern shirt is the best shirt for every formal occasion. Meeting at the office? Wear this. Presentation? Wear Huggun’s solid shirt. This shirt is made from cotton and comes with a full sleeve, paired with a collared neck.

it is available in black, navy blue, white, gray, blue, pink, and green.

3Huggun Checkered Casual Shirt

What’s a wardrobe without a checkered shirt? Every man needs a checkered shirt from Huggun. Stand out and command everyone’s attention with this blue shirt with white checks, a full sleeve, and a collared neck shirt.

4Huggun Lens Print Shirt

This lens print shirt is made from Giza cotton, making it very lush and soft. The lens print shirt can be worn to casual occasions like parties or formal occasions.

it is available in two colors. White and yellow. The white features several black lens, and yellow, white and black lens.

5Huggun Sand Print Floral Shirt

For the love of all things florals, this shirt is a must-have. The beauty of this floral shirt is perfectly matched by its lushness. Pair it with a nice pair of jeans and steal the show.

It is available in dusky and blue.

We hope you like this article about the best 5 shirts that deserve to be in your closet. What are your thoughts on these awesome shirts? Don’t forget to mention them in the comments below.

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