how to comfort your wife or girlfriend when she's on her periods
How to comfort your wife or girlfriend when she's on her periods

The topic of periods has been a taboo in India for ages. Fortunately, these days, men have become more aware and empathetic towards the issues that women face during periods. It is the lack of knowledge about this subject that makes men more ignorant of this issue.

Thus, today we decided that we will take the initiative to educate and inform men across India on what exactly happens with women when they’re on their periods and how to comfort your wife or girlfriend when she’s on her periods.

We were prompted to write about this topic after stumbling upon this thread on Reddit where a Reddit user asked what he can do to comfort his girlfriend and take care of her during her periods. The post received hundreds of responses from women (and men alike) who have shared their ideas of how a man can take care of his girlfriend during these days.

What Happens To Women When They’re On Their Periods?

This question has two answers. One is the physical things that take place inside a woman’s body during her menstrual cycle and the other is the psychological impact periods have on her.

Maybe you guys didn’t pay attention during your biology classes so you don’t know the physical changes that happen to a woman during her periods but we’re not going to go into detail about it. You can read this really good article that we found online that explains these things in detail.

How to comfort your wife or girlfriend when she’s on her periods

How Do Periods Affect A Woman’s Mood

While a woman is on her period, she goes through a lot of hormonal changes that cause fluctuations in her mood and behavior. It is normal and natural and happens to almost all women.

Some women may get feelings of anxiety, headaches, and lethargy. While most of the time, these symptoms are mild, in a few cases they can be severe.

These changes are not in her control and we as their partners need to understand this and support them to be comfortable during these days.

Psychological Symptoms A Woman Feels During Her Periods

  • Mood swings
  • Feeling overwhelmed or out of control
  • Crying without knowing the reason
  • Loss of interest in most activities
  • Sudden sadness
  • Sensitivity to rejection
  • Social withdrawal
  • Anxiety
  • Depressed mood
  • Irritability


What can a man do to comfort his girlfriend or wife when she’s on her period?

Check out some things you can do or say to your partner to comfort her when she’s going through her periods:

Give Them Back Rubs Or Light Massages

How To Give A Simple Back Massage – Source

Giving a light massage, especially on the lower back will help her to be comfortable and ease a little pain. Be gentle and show your masseuse skills on her that you can learn by simply watching a couple of YouTube videos.

Keep Warm Water Bottles For Her

If you want to make your wife or girlfriend comfortable during her periods, make sure you stash a couple of warm water bottles in the kitchen for her. Having lukewarm water throughout the day will help her to remain hydrated and feel fresh.

Show Physical Affection But Do Not Insist On Sex

You must avoid having sexual intercourse during their periods as it will make them uncomfortable. Instead, show light physical affection like cuddles or hugs that will calm them down. Do not insist on having sex or any other forms of foreplay. You need to give them their space, not only mentally but also physically.

Netflix And Chill

How to comfort your wife or girlfriend when she’s on her periods – Netflix and chill

Sometimes, doing nothing helps the most. One of the best ways to comfort your woman during her periods is to simply put on a movie or a TV series that both of you like and watch together. This simple act will help her in two ways. One is that it will keep her rested as she doesn’t have to move around or do any physical activity.

Secondly, it will help her to divert her mind from the pain. Being engrossed in a movie will keep her thought occupied and she will stop thinking about her pain.

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Chocolates, Ice Cream & Cakes

Who doesn’t love treats? And when you want to make someone happy, the easiest thing that you can do is to bring them their favorite treats like chocolate, ice-creams, coffee, cake, etc. It will help in uplifting their mood and comfort them during their worst experiences.

Don’t Argue Or Bicker With Her

How to comfort your wife or girlfriend when she’s on her periods – Avoid arguments & bickering

Another simple thing to do to comfort your woman is not to be a jerk to her. Now come on guys, this is something you should never do to her but it is true especially when she’s on her periods.

Arguing or having minor confrontations with her will only make things worse for her. During her periods, a woman needs to be stress-free and you are the one who can ensure that.

Cook Breakfast, Lunch, Or Dinner For Her

If your wife usually cooks food for you, this is the time you need to take charge and return the favor. Do not expect her to do the cooking, instead, make her a nice breakfast for her. Ordering food from outside is an option, but if you do it yourself, you will get some bonus brownie points.

Check out some simple and healthy breakfast recipes that you can try cooking on your own.

Treat Her Normally Like Nothing Is Wrong

Some women prefer to be left alone and do not expect anything to be done in order to make them feel comfortable. At times, trying too hard to please them will only make you look like a complete fool. So it is better to behave normally like you would and carry on with your day-to-day activities not reminding her about her periods.

How to comfort your wife or girlfriend when she’s on her periods

Don’t Feel Shy To Ask Her What She Wants

As all women are different, their needs are also different. The only person who knows your woman the best is herself. So there is no harm in asking her what she wants. Sometimes, simply asking what you can do to make her feel comfortable will be enough for her to show that you care about her.

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