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My Journey As A Guy-Next-Door To A Fashion Model & A Social Media Influencer – Harshit Raj Srivastava

Most of us dream of becoming famous some day. Some of us may even work hard to get there. Only a few may actually get there and fulfil their dream. Harshit Raj Srivastava is one of them.

Just a few months back, he was this humble, soft spoken guy-next-door who had a simple life. But his destiny had other plans up it’s sleeve. Within a few months, his life changed completely and he became a successful social media influencer and a fashion model gathering over 24,000 followers on Instagram.

This is his story. Of how he chased his dreams and is now living the life he always wanted. He has shared his journey in this interview with us.

Q) When did you start your journey of becoming a social media influencer?

I started my journey of being an influencer in mid 2020. Before that, I was very curious to know how it works and how can I can become influencer myself.  

After some research, I got to know that to be recognised as an ‘Influencer’ I need to gain some followers in the beginning and make my profile attractive and engaging for good reach, gradually increasing the number of followers.

Then I started posting my photoshoot pictures and shared knowledge about how to become a model. After that I noticed people began to like my profile and started following me.

I try to show every aspect of my life in my content. Whether it is my modeling career, personal life, friends, shoots, college life, etc to engage my followers.

Harshit Raj Shrivastava
Harshit Raj Srivastava in his early days of modelling.

Q) Who are the people that inspired you to start this journey?

I am connected with many influencers on Instagram. Their content and creativity really inspired me. I always tried to be like them but to copy someone does not make you unique. So I explored my personality and started working on showcasing it.

In the beginning, I was rejected and that really motivated me and then I worked on my weakness and enhanced my strengths.

Some of my favorite influencers are Param Sahib, Mridul Madhok, Mohak Manghani & Dimpi Sanghvi

Q) Were your friends and family supportive of your decision? If not, how did you manage to overcome the challenges?

In the beginning, no one was supporting me as my family was trying to motivate me only to focus on my studies. They always tried to stop me from going to shoots and any work related to the Influencer profession. My friends were not in my support because they never saw this side of mine.

But I was focused towards my goal so I was focusing on my studies as well as modeling life along with social media influencer program. I always tried to convince my family that I can do it but all the time they were trying to push me only for studies. But my goal was quite clear so I did not stop myself and worked on it and finally succeeded. 

After some time, I started earning a good amount from social media & shoots. Now everyone is supporting me in my decision.

Q) What are the challenges that you faced while being on this journey?

One of the main challenges that I faced was having a lean body. Many people believe that to become a fashion model, you need a good body. But I broke that stereotype and became a published fashion model.

Because I think if you are confident and focused towards your goal, nothing is impossible. Many people tried to demotivate me for this but still my goal was clear so I stood for myself. 

Another big challenge was to convince my family to support me in my decision as I mentioned earlier.

Q) What is the biggest opportunity or break that you got as an influencer?

In the beginning I was not getting collaborations for big brands but after some time I got offers from big brands such as Mcaffeine, The Man Company, Fevikwik, Bingo, Lays, Gillette and many more. And I earned a handsome amount from these collaborations.

Q) What is the biggest achievement that you got as an influencer?

For me the biggest achievement is when unknown people recognize me by my name and ask for pictures. I really feel glad and grateful for this.

Q) What is your daily routine for content creation?

I always try to know what type of content is required to grab the attention of the audience. So I do some research and visit other influencers’ profiles. I am also working on good quality content in Instagram Reels as it gives me a good reach.

Q) What is one thing that you would want to change about today’s Influencer scene in India.

I really do not like when influencers promote any brand without using it. If you are an influencer, it is your responsibility not to misguide the audience. Your followers put their trust in you so you can’t misguide them.

Also, the companies that do Influencer marketing, need to check the influencer’s profile carefully. They need to make sure that the influencer has organic followers and not fake followers because it decreases the value of real influencers who are putting efforts to gain organic followers.

Q) What are your future plans and where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I am working on my personality development to make it better than it is today. So my future plans are just to establish my career in this profession of social media influencers and modeling. I see myself as a famous influencer and actor model after five year and I’ll work on it with full dedication.

Harshit Raj Shrivastava
Harshit Raj Srivastava A Succcesful Social Media Influencer and Fashion Model

Q) What is one single biggest piece of advice that you can give to aspiring Influencers?

My advice to all the aspiring influencers and models is be focused on your goal. I agree you all will face many difficulties such as financial problems, family issues, rejection and many more but trust me if you are dedicated and willingly want to come in this profession, no one can stop you.

Just make sure that while establishing your career, do not hurt your family and friends at all because in your failures they are the only ones who will stand by you. Everyone will leave you in hard times but your family and friends will not.

On this note, I would like to thank two of the most important people who have always been supportive towards me on this journey. Aniket Aggarwal & Isha Tomar. Thanks for your unending support and love.

And finally a big thanks to my followers who made me what I am today!

This was our interview with Harshit Raj Srivastava and we hope that it will insipre you to think differently and take the road less travelled like him.

If you are someone or know someone with a similirly inspiring story, or if you have any other life story that you want to share with the world, please get in touch with us and we will be glad to present it for you.


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