best winter dressing styles for men in india
Top 17 Best Winter Dressing Styles For Men In India

As we come to the end of 2021 and the winter has made its way into the country, we bring to you the best winter dressing styles for men in India for 2022. We scoured across social media platforms to find the best-dressed men flaunting some really cool (rather warm) winter outfits.

We hope you find your winter outfit inspirations from these men who are giving a new definition to dressing in style this winter.

1Best Winter Dressing Styles For Men In India For 2022

winter dressing styles for men in india
DJ Aziz keeping the tempo high in this bright yellow sweatshirt

Coming to the main topic of this article, we have compiled below a list of the best winter dressing styles for men in India for 2022. Please note that the list is not in any particular order and the sequence of the outfits and pictures is at random.


A cross between a sweater and a t-shirt, sweatshirts are one of the most versatile outfits to wear for men during winters. They come in a variety of designs and colors and you can never go wrong with a good combo of a sweatshirt and a pair of denims. If you want a casual and comfortable outfit then the sweatshirt and jeans combo are one of the best winter dressing styles for men in India for 2022.

Featured Above: DJ Aziz in a bright yellow sweatshirt with cool blue denims making it a great casual outfit for men in India during winters.

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Asrar Malik sporting a classic windbreaker which is a perfect jacket for winters in India

The reason why windbreakers are a perfect outfit for winters in India is that they are multi-functional garments. They can keep you warm and dry while keeping you comfortable throughout the day. In some parts of India, there is slight rain during winters.

During such times, windbreakers are a lifesaver as they can also protect you from light rain for short periods. Thus, they are on the top of our list of the best winter dressing styles for men in India for 2022.

Featured Above: Asrar Malik in a black windbreaker, with a geometrical pattern, which is a must-have during winters in India.

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Co-Ord Tracksuits

Bony Dedkawala sporting a colorful co-ord tracksuit

Tracksuits are mostly worn for sports but in the last couple of decades, they have become a daily wear outfit for the modern urban man. If you want your winter outfit to be fashionable and comfortable at the same time, then go for a co-ord tracksuit paired with sneakers during this winter.

Co-ord tracksuits make some of the best winter dressing styles for men as they add a lot of personality to your look while keeping you warm.

Featured Above: Bony Dedkawala is seen here wearing what is an offbeat but trendy co-ord tracksuit which is a sporty winter outfit for men in India.

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The Classic Sweater

Arif Mohammed showing how to pull off the sweater in the classic winter look

The humble sweater has come a long way since people started using them centuries ago. Nowadays, they come in attractive designs and colors. One of the best dressing styles for men in India is a classic sweater paired with trousers or denims.

If you want to look great in the outdoors during winters, go for a good sweater and some comfy jeans. When choosing a sweater go for a modern minimalist design and dark colors.

Featured Above: Arif Mahammed is seen wearing a classic sweater with a modern design and gloves nailing the perfect winter style.

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Turtlenecks T-Shirts

Gaaji Singh shows how to wear the classic turtleneck T-shirt in style – A must-have for winters

Another classic outfit for the winters is the turtleneck t-shirt paired with pants of your choice, preferably denims. Turtleneck t-shirts come in a variety of designs and fabrics and they are a perfect option to wear with denims or chinos during winters. Apart from hiding lovebites, the turtle-neck collar also protects your neck from the cold 😉

Featured Above: Gaaji Singh in a black turtleneck and ripped denims for that casual winter look.

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Shrikant Mehere is all set for the winter sporting the hoodie in style

Worn by men for centuries, the hoodie has come a long way since it first started gaining popularity as a utilitarian garment in the 12th century. Later it became popular in 1930 after warehouse workers in New York started wearing them to keep them protected from cold. Then came the rappers and the hip-hop stars who gave a new meaning to the garment.

Hoodies paired with track pants are perfect for the winters whether you’re going for a morning run or strolling in the park in the evening.

Featured Above: Shrikant Mehere in a bright red hoodie and track pants is the perfect example of a sporty winter look for men in India

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Varsity Jackets

Shubham Pratap is ready to take on the winter in the classic Varsity Jacket

You must have seen these jackets worn by college students and sportsmen in American pop culture. This is where they originated and became popular around the world for their looks and utility. They come in many designs and brands in various colors to choose from. Team them up with jeans and canvas shoes and your winter look is complete.

Featured Above: Shubham Pratap is seen above wearing a black and off-white varsity jacket with a complimenting pair of sneakers displaying the ultimate winter dressing style for men

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Woolen Coats

Sinth P shows exactly how to pull off the woolen coat look in style

If you want to achieve that suave gentleman look for your next big event or date this winter, then look no further than classic woolen coats. Although a little bit expensive, a good woolen coat can last for generations and will make you look classy and elegant while protecting you from the cold and even snowfall. They can be worn over a shirt or a blazer along with trousers or jeans.

Featured Above: Sinth P is seen above wearing a classic dark blue woolen coat which exudes elegance at its finest.

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Denim Jackets

Nikhil Kandhari is taking no prisoners with this badass denim jacket look

Another classic winter wear style for Indian men is the denim jacket with a pair of jeans or trousers. Worn by a lot of movie stars and models, the denim jacket never went out of fashion and is a must-have for any man’s wardrobe. Denim as a fabric is quite insulating and will protect you from the cold and keep you warm without spoiling your look.

Featured Above: Nikhil Kandhari is featured in a classic blue denim jacket paired with a hoodie to take the winter style game a notch higher!

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Bomber Jackets

Thomson Sequeira takes on winter in style with a classic bomber jacket

Originally created for fighter pilots, the bomber jacket is another quintessential piece of clothing for men. These jackets usually are made of synthetic or mixed fabrics and keep you warm throughout the day. They also come in attractive and bright colors and designs. Lightweight and agile, the bomber jacket with jeans is one of the best winter dressing styles for men in India in 2022.

Featured Above: Thomson Sequeira looking stunning in a wine red bomber jacket paired with black t-shirt & trousers.

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Leather Jackets

Rahul Mothe nails the winter look in this black leather jacket.

Made popular by biker gangs and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the terminator, the leather jacket is the epitome of badass looks and style. In recent times, the classic leather jacket has transformed into a fashion garment that brings style to any outfit that you wear.

Paired with denims and leather boots, the leather jacket is another must-have for winters for Indian men. Just make sure that you go for genuine leather and not cheap faux leather.

Featured Above: Rahul Mothe in a classic black bikers leather jacket with complimenting black ripped jeans and boots in a killer winter outfit.

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Blazers With Mufflers

Jazwin Jaaf raising temperatures wearing a classy blazer and muffler

Coming back to the suave gentleman look, if you’re in a formal setting or occasion during the winter, pair up your blazer with a woolen muffler to complete the formal winter look. Quite surprisingly, blazers are a pretty newer garment as compared to coats and hoodies.

Mostly worn during work or special occasions, the blazer keeps you warm while making you look classy and elegant. Pair it up with a good woolen muffler and you’ve got yourself one of the best winter wear styles for men in India for 2022

Featured Above: Jazwin Jaaf is featured above wearing the dashing combo of a blazer and a muffler along with complimenting gloves to finish a suave winter outfit.

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Chesterfield Coats

Sarang Patil showcasing the ultimate gentleman’s look for the winter

Talking about formal winter wear, the chesterfield coat is another garment that you can add to your shopping list for the winter. Suitable for the harsh cold climates the chesterfield coat comes in various designs and materials. This knee-length coat will keep you warm and also turn eyeballs to you when you are on your way to work or getting that cup of coffee after a long winter workday.

Featured Above: Sarang Patil is seen here wearing the ultimate combination of a formal blazer with a chesterfield coat and suede boots making it a blockbuster winter outfit.

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Casual Jackets

Mihir MB stepping up the winter style game with a casual jacket

Casual jackets are another piece of clothing that is necessary for the winters. A good casual jacket will last you for years and it gives you warmth during the winter protecting you from the cold winds. It can be easily paired with any type of jeans or trousers and worn along with a simple t-shirt.

Featured Above: Mihir MB in a cool brown jacket, white t-shirt, and jeans sums up a quintessential outfit for men during the winters.

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Cowl Neck T-Shirts

Karunesh Mule is unfazed by the winter chill in this cool cowlneck t-shirt

First worn by royalty in Greece, the cowl neck is a shirt or a sweatshirt that has a neckline consisting of loosely draped fabric around the collarbone. Similar to a turtle neck, the cowl neck keeps you warm around the neck and collar region. It’s also a great style statement and gives you a casual look during the winter. The cowl-neck is not very common but according to us, it is one of the best winter dressing styles for men in India for 2022.

Featured Above: Karunesh Mule can be seen wearing a cool white cowlneck t-shirt and denims that is a pretty comfy outfit for the Indian winters.

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Casual Blazers

Vinay Parmar riding into the winter in style with a casual blazer

The casual blazer is a must-have for every man’s wardrobe regardless of the season. It becomes all the more important during the winters when it is a little bit chilly outside and you want to go out for a party or a casual meeting with your office mates.

In this scenario, the casual blazer is a lifesaver and is an excellent winter outfit paired with trousers or jeans.

Featured Above: Vinay Parmar in a casual blazer with black denims shows the perfect winter semi-formal look.

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Suede Jackets

Karan Singh pulls off the perfect winter look with a suede jacket

A cousin of the leather jacket, suede leather jackets are another winter must-have for men in 2022. Compared to leather suede is much softer and more premium in feel. A suede jacket will keep you warm even in sub-zero temperatures without compromising on your looks and style.

Suede jackets come in limited colors but go for a brown jacket as it can complement most of your outfits. You can also wear them with your favorite kurta-pajamas.

Featured Above: Karan Singh wearing a classy brown suede jacket along with a traditional Indian outfit will surely give you some serious winter styling goals.

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Puffer Jacket

Harpreet Singh looking dapper in a puffer jacket

Sporty and chic, puffer jackets are soon becoming a popular choice among many men as their go-to casual winter wear. They are highly comfortable to wear and come with multiple layers of insulation that keep you warm and comfy during the winter. They also come in a sleeveless option and a multitude of colors to choose from. It is undoubtedly one of the best winter wear styles for Indian men for 2022.

Featured Above: Harpreet Singh is featured above wearing a black puffer jacket that makes a very comfortable and useful outfit for a cold winter morning.

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This brings us to the end of our list of the Top 18 Best Winter Dressing Styles For Men In India for 2022. Have we missed anything? Or do you want to add anything to this article, please let us know at [email protected]

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Images featured above are published with the permissions of the respective individuals. If anyone has queries/disputes about the ownership of these images kindly get in touch with us.


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