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Top 10 Best Whiskey Glasses In India (2022) That Will Spark Conversations At Your Next House Party

Ditch your plain old boring whiskey glasses and check out these top 10 whiskey glasses that you can buy online

Are you looking for the Best Whiskey Glasses In India that you can show off to your friends when they come over to your house for a party? Or are you bored of the plain old whiskey glasses that you have been using for ages and want to just smash them into the floor and buy some new ones?

You are at the right place my friend because today we are going to show you the Best Whiskey Glasses In India that you can buy online and turn your friends green with envy.

Types Of Whiskey Glasses In India

Before looking at the Best Whiskey Glasses In India, let us have a look at the types of whiskey glasses that are available in India.

If you are drunk enough or in a real hurry, anything can be a whiskey glass but if you wish to belong to a race of rare men known as ‘Gentlemen’, then you need to follow certain drinking etiquettes and know a thing or two about whiskey glasses.

It’s also good to know the different types of whiskey glasses so that you can show off your knowledge to people but do it in a subtle way or else the next time you drink from your all-new whiskey glass, you’d be doing it alone.

So here are the different types of whiskey glasses available in India:

Glencairn Whiskey Glass

This is the most sophisticated whiskey glass that you can use as this one’s been made by the Gods of whiskey themselves. The Scots. Apart from giving the world some of the best whiskeys, Scotland also gave us this great glass known as the ‘Glencairn Glass‘.

Its shape is derived from the traditional Scottish glasses that were used for drinking and nosing whiskey in the early ages. The capacity of a typical Glencairn whisky glass is approximately 175 ml, and it is intended to hold approximately 50 ml of liquid. This type of Whiskey glass is used for tasting or ‘nosing’ the whiskey.

The Classic Whiskey Tumbler

This is one of the most widely used types of whiskey glasses and is ideal for drinking any type of whiskey. The build quality of these tumblers is quite sturdy and they can last for generations if used properly.

It is perfect for both, having whiskey neat and also for drinking it with mixers and cocktails.

Whiskey Rocks Glass

As the name suggests, this type of whiskey glass is used to have whiskey ‘on the rocks’. Just toss in a couple of ice cubes and pour your favorite whiskey in it and you’re good to go. These types of whiskey glasses are widely seen in Indian bars and restaurants in which they serve whiskey and other hard liquors.

Whiskey Tulip Glass

Although tulip glasses are mostly used to drink wine, they can also be used for drinking whiskey in formal settings. It is a perfect glass for whiskey connoisseurs and enthusiasts who love to swirl their whiskey around in the glass and savor every drop of the magical nectar.

The Highball Whiskey Glass

Just like its smaller version mentioned earlier, the highball whiskey glass is a type of tumbler glass that is slightly taller. It is mostly used to drink whiskey cocktails and should not be used to drink whiskey neat.

If you enjoy whiskey cocktails like Whiskey with Ginger Ale or Whiskey with Lemonade, then these types of whiskey glasses are perfect for you.

The Snifter Whiskey Glass

If you have seen any movies about the mafia or the mob from the 70s, then you must have seen them sipping whiskey from this type of whiskey glass. This glass is the perfect embodiment of class and is the quintessential bar accessory for a whiskey connoisseur.

The shape of the glass is such that the vapors released from the whiskey will make your tasting experience a heavenly one.

Whiskey Shot Glasses

Whiskey shot glasses do exactly what they are supposed to do. Deliver a ‘shot’ of liquor to you when you really need one. Just like Tequila, Whiskey can also be consumed in ‘shots’ with the help of these shot glasses.

Nowadays they come in a lot of quirky designs and shapes. These shot glasses will surely add a lot of color to your home bar and house parties.

10 Best Whiskey Glasses In India That You Can Buy Online

Now that you know the main types of whiskey glasses, let us come to the main topic of this article which is the Top 10 Best Whiskey Glasses In India.

Vilon Whiskey Glasses

  • Made of Soda Lime Glassware
  • Dishwasher & Refrigerator Safe
  • 6-Pieces Glass 300 ML
  • Attractive Crystal Design
  • Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 10 cm; Weight: 420 Grams

The Vilon whiskey rock glass is one of the best whiskey glasses in India that is ideal to be used as a regular whiskey glass at your home bar. It is a lightweight and durable glass that also looks quite good once the drink is poured in.

The set comes with 6 glasses each with a capacity of 300 ml. They are dishwasher safe and the glass doesn’t wear out even after years of use. Not too and not too big, the Vilon glasses are a perfect fit.

Prime World Diamond Crystal Cut Whiskey Glass

  • Unique Diamond Design
  • Made of Lead Free Crystal Premium Silicate Glass 
  • 6-Pieces Glass 300 ML
  • Comes In Attractive Gift Box
  • Made In Czech Republic

If you’re looking for a whiskey glass that would stick in your guests’ memories, then you have to check out the Diamond Crystal Glasses from Prime World. The geometric 3D diamond design on the glasses is quite unique and looks very modern.

It is also a perfect gift that you can give someone because they come in an attractive blue gift box. The design of the glass makes the liquid in it look sparkling and is sure to attract attention and spark conversations during your next house party.

Prime World Opera Crystal Whiskey Glasses

  • Sturdy and Handful Design
  • Made of Lead Free Ultra Clarity Glass 
  • 6-Pieces Glass 300 ML
  • Comes In Embossed Gift Box
  • Sleek & Spill Proof Design

Another masterpiece from Prime World is the Opera Crystal Whiskey Glasses. It is an old-fashioned whiskey glass that fits perfectly in your hand. You can feel the sophistication and the sleek nature of the glass from the moment you take it in your hands.

Its dishwasher and refrigerator-safe and easy to clean and maintain. Thus you can use it on a regular basis for years to come.

Hell’s Kitchen Diamond Cut Whiskey Glass

  • Elegant Diamond Cut Design
  • Heavy Feel Solid Build Quality
  • 6-Pieces Glass 300 ML
  • Spherical Design To Enhance Flavors

This rich-looking whiskey glass from Hell’s Kitchen is a perfect addition to your home bar. The set comes in a pack of 6 glasses that have a unique diamond-cut design that reflects the drink in it from different angles.

The spherical design is quite ergonomic and the heavyweight of the glasses gives it a very premium look and feel.

Pasabahce Whiskey Glasses

  • Classy and Elegant Design
  • Highest Capacity (370 ml)
  • Reputed European Brand
  • Ribbed Edges For Better Grip

Coming up next on this list of the Best whiskey glasses in India is the Pasabahce Whiskey Glass Set. Pasabahce is a premium glassware brand from Turkey that is famous for its luxury glassware made from the best quality materials.

These glasses have the highest capacity in the segment (370 ml) and are perfectly shaped to enhance the flavor of the whiskey. If you’re looking for a simple yet elegant option in whiskey glasses, then this set is a must-have for you.

Prime World Twist European Crystal Whiskey Glasses

  • Stylish Twisted Design
  • Sturdy And Comfortable To Hold
  • Spill-proof and Dishwasher Safe
  • High Quality Lead-Free Glass

When you need a little twist in your average whiskey glasses, then you should definitely consider buying the Prime World Twist European Crystal Whiskey Glasses. They have a unique twisted design that will surely spark curiosity among your guests.

Don’t let the design fool you as although they are twisted in shape, there is no compromise on the sturdiness of the glasses as they are made from high-quality glass that gives them an exceptional build quality.

Norlan Glass Whiskey Glass

  • Award Winning World Class Design
  • Mouth-blown Double-walled Borosilicate Glass.
  • Capacity: 175 ml; Weight per piece: 125 Grams
  • Ergonomic and Fluid Dynamic Design

When it comes to the best whiskey glasses in India, this one takes one of the top spots. The Norlan Whiskey Glass is nothing short of a masterpiece handcrafted (rather mouth-blown) in the USA. This takes drinking whiskey to an all-new level by combining science with design.

One of the most expensive whiskey glasses in India, these glasses have won multiple product and design awards and with their scientific design, they enhance the flavors of the drink and give you the feeling of a true connoisseur. To know more about the Norlan Whiskey Glass, make sure you check out their detailed guide here.

Happy Penguin Golden Rim Royal Tikka Whiskey

  • Ornate Design With Golden Rim
  • Capacity 320 ml
  • Sturdy Glass Material
  • Easy To Clean And Long Lasting

If you love traditional ornate designs then the Happy Penguin Royal Tikka Whiskey Glasses are perfect for you. These glasses are good if your home bar set up is designed in a traditional Indian way.

These glasses may not be useful for regular use but you can use them at special occasions like weddings, parties, or even gift them to your loved ones.

SYGMOS Crystal Whiskey Glasses

  • Simple And Clean Design
  • Best Quality At Affordable Price
  • Great For Regular Use
  • Easy To Clean And Long Lasting

If you need whiskey glasses for regular use, then the Sygmos Crystal Whiskey Glasses are the best option for you. If you have a lot of guests coming in then you can buy these glasses in bulk because they’re very inexpensive and even if they break, you won’t be too disappointed.

The design of these glasses is quite classy and they look and feel very premium when you hold them in your palms.

Eclat Cristal D’arques Longchamp Old Fashioned Crystal Whiskey Glass

  • Classy Italian Design And Make
  • Made From Kwarx – Lead Free Crystal
  • Chip Resistant Body
  • Made In France

Last but not least on this list of the best whiskey glasses in India, comes the magnificent glasses from the house of Eclat Cristal D’arques. Each glass is a work of art that is crafted in France and bears a legacy of four decades.

Let us warn you that you will fall in love with these glasses so much that you might use them as showpieces instead of drinking whiskey from them.

This brings us to the end of our compilation of the Best Whiskey Glasses In India. On this note, we would like to clarify that we do not endorse alcohol consumption.

Drinking whiskey in small quantities is fine and you can enjoy it but excessive consumption is bad for your health. Thus, we urge you to drink responsibly and never ever drink and drive.

FAQs About The Best Whiskey Glasses In India

  1. What Type Of Glasses Are Best For Whiskey?

    For tasting and ‘nosing’ whiskey, the best type of glasses are Glencairn Whiskey Glasses. For consuming on the rocks, you can use Rocks Whiskey Glasses and for shots, you can use whiskey shot glasses.

  2. Where can I buy whiskey glasses in India?

    You can easily buy whiskey glasses online in India from Amazon. They have a wide variety of whiskey glasses that can suit your every purpose.

  3. Which are some premium whiskey glasses in India?

    In India, you can buy premium whiskey glasses from brands like Eclat Cristal D’arques & Norlan Glass.

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