Best Running Shoes For Men In India
Top 15 Best Running Shoes For Men In India

Running is probably the best form of exercise that you can do. It is free, can be done anywhere, and doesn’t need any equipment. Except one. Running shoes. There are many running shoes out there in the market from hundreds of brands. So to help you choose the right one, in this list we have compiled the top 10 best running shoes for men in India for 2022.

Just like all of us, shoes come in all shapes and sizes so it’s better to do a bit of research before you go online and buy your favorite pair. A good pair of running shoes not only give you comfort but also keeps your muscles and joints safe from any damage while running.

Types Of Men’s Running Shoes In India

  • Daily Trainers: We all have worn them at some point. Everyday trainers are the most common type of running shoes available in the market.
  • Spikes: These running shoes come with spikes at the bottom to give you extra traction. They are used by professionals and are not recommended for daily running or jogging.
  • Lightweights: As the name suggests, these are lightweight shoes that you can use for your daily exercise and jogging and light workouts
  • Cushioned Shoes: These running shoes come with cushions at the bottom and padding at the side to prevent your feet from any damage or injuries

So fill up your water bottles, pull up your socks, and get ready for the best running shoes for men in India. There is no specific order for this list or no specific price range but you can click on the ones you like and you can check out their prices online.

The Best Running Shoes For Men In India

MGI VerdictRunning ShoesPrice
Best Value
For Money

Sparx Men's
Running Shoes
Check Price
Most Comfortable

Skechers Max Cushioning
Premier Persp Sneaker
Check Price
Most Durable

Adidas Energyfalcon
Running Shoe
Check Price

The table above shows the most value-for-money, most comfortable, and most durable running shoes for men. Now let us see the full list of the top 15 best running shoes for men in India for 2022.

1Sparx Men’s Running Shoes


    • Mesh Design
    • Grooved Outsole
    • Cushioned Collar
    • Attractive Dual Tone Design

    The first one on our list is the humble running shoe from Sparx. It is a value-for-money brand and they have some great shoes in the Indian market. The brand is most popular among youngsters and college students but doesn’t go on its humble nature. These shows can perform really well for jogging or light running.

    Sparx footwear is manufactured by one of India’s biggest footwear companies Relaxo and their product quality is quite good compared to their prices. What makes them one of the best running shoes for men in India is their durability. Once you buy these shoes, you can use them for at least 5 years.

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    2Lotto Men’s Vertigo Running Shoes


      • Durable and Lightweight
      • Attractive Colors & Design
      • Outer mesh breathable material 

      The Lotto Men’s Vertigo Running Shoes are from yet another brand, Lotto, that gives you an overall value for money. It’s time to go running in style as the black color of the shoes gives them a very trendy look.

      The outer sole of these running shoes gives you good traction in slippery gravel and dirt surfaces. So if you are looking for a good brand at an affordable price then you should definitely consider this option. The only downside to these shoes is that they get dirty very quickly and you need to wash them regularly to keep them clean.

      3Reebok Men’s Energy Running Shoes


      • Lace-Up Design
      • Comfortable and sleek design
      • Available in 3 attractive colors

      This one comes from the global sports brand giant Reebok. The Reebok Men’s Energy Running Shoes are among the affordable range of Reebok running shoes available to buy online. If you are brand conscious and need that assurance of a reliable global brand at a lower price then this one is for you.

      Although it is not as technically advanced as other premium branded running shoes it does the job pretty well. The simple design and comfortable feel make this suitable for boys and men of all ages making them one of the best men’s running shoes in India.

      4Asian Men’s Running Shoes


      • Innovative Nitro-Capsule technology
      • Great value for money
      • Comfortable fit
      • Breathable external material

      Asian shoes are a very good brand of men’s running shoes and they have a lot of options when it comes to affordable and quality footwear for running.

      These shoes come in 3 different colors and also have a very good build quality that gives you extra comfort while running. It incorporates the Nitro-Capsule technology that makes these men’s running shoes a vacuum-based air cushion under your heels.

      5Adidas Men’s Throb M Running Shoes


      • Lightweight mesh fabric
      • Durable and comfortable
      • Attractive design with the trademark Adidas three-stripe branding

      Another global giant on this list and my personal favorite brand is Adidas. Their ‘Throb Shoes’ variant is the most versatile running shoe brand in India. It provides a durable and comfortable IMEVA outer sole. The midsole provides cushioning and stability while jogging or running.

      No matter if you’re running on city roads, in gardens, or in your home gym, these shoes will push you to your limits and give you an amazing workout.

      6Skechers Men’s Max Cushioning Premier – Persp Sneaker

      • Extra-Cushioning Support
      • Engineered Mesh Lace Up
      • Air Cooled Goga Mat
      • Most Comfortable Running Shoes

      Who doesn’t love a good pair of Skechers? And if you want to bring them into your running game, the Skechers Men’s Max Cushioning Premier – Persp Sneaker is the perfect option for you. They have extra cushioning giving you a highly comfortable running experience.

      The shoes are also well-ventilated and feature the air-cooled goga mat inside them to keep your feet dry and sweat-free while running. They’re so comfy that at times you will forget that you’re wearing any shoes at all.

      7Nike Men’s Revolution 6 Running Shoes


      • Extra Heel Support
      • Foot-hugging Flyknit design
      • Tough rubber sole
      • Intuitive Touch Points In The Sole

      When we are speaking about shoes, how could you not mention Nike? Their men’s revolution 6 running shoes offer excellent comfort and performance while running or jogging. It doesn’t compromise on the style though as it comes in three amazing and trademark Nike designs.

      When it’s Nike, they surely come up with amazing technology and features in their shoes. These shoes have intuitive touch points within their soles to give you a natural feel while you take these shoes on and off. These can be really good daily trainers and you can use them for your daily workouts, yoga, walking, or even a boy’s night out! They never go out of style.

      8Puma Men’s Extractor Running Shoes


      • Easy To Wear Slip-On Design
      • Made from Mesh material
      • Durable long-lasting sole
      • Attractive Classic Puma Styling

      This is yet another popular sports brand that offers some amazing running shoes. This one Is definitely one of the most stylish running shoes available in the Indian market. The extractor variants are easy-to-wear shoes that you can easily slip on.

      It delivers some top-notch performance while running or jogging and the concealed lace design makes it very attractive to look at. These shoes have rubber coverage on the outsole to increase traction and durability while running.

      9Adidas Men’s Energy Falcon Running Shoes


      • Cloudfoam Cushioning
      • Excellent material quality
      • Great performance and comfort
      • Molded heels for extra support

      Well, this one is a powerhouse when it comes to performance and is used mostly by many professional athletes too. The Adidas Men’s Energy Falcon Running Shoes are the next contender on our list of the Top 15 Best Running Shoes For Men In India.

      If you are planning to go for an evening jog or run a 20 km marathon this one can make both seem like a walk in the park (Quite literally). The stability, comfort, and support that these running shoes provide are unmatched and if you don’t mind spending a little more for exceptional products then definitely go for this one.

      10Under Armour Men’s Running Shoes


      • Huge variety of colors
      • Lightweight breathable material
      • Enhanced cushioning at the ankle
      • Full-length EVA sock liner for a custom fit

      This brand is not very well known in India at the moment but they are a huge hit in western countries. They have some amazing sports goods and their running shoes are no different. They have a firm external counter for additional support that keeps the back of the foot locked in place while running, giving you a comfortable experience.

      The quality of the material used and the fitting is exceptionally comfortable. No doubt it all comes at a slightly higher price but it is definitely worth all the money you spend.

      11Puma Men’s Entrant Slipon Running Shoes


      • Easy to wear slip-on design
      • 5 color variants
      • Trendy and attractive looks
      • Breathable material with cushioning

      The only slip-on shoes on this list of the best running shoes for men in India, the Puma Entrant running shoes for men are very easy to wear and quite comfortable while jogging or light running. Not recommended for an intense workout or running though.

      They are moderately priced and also look quite stylish. It is ultra-lightweight and the minimal design gives it a premium look. Undoubtedly they are one of the best running shoes for men in India, especially in the slip-on category.

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      12Campus Men’s Rodeo-2 Running Shoes

      • 11 Color And Design Options
      • Lightweight & Comfortable Fit
      • Very Affordable
      • Breathable Outer Mesh

      If you’re on a tight budget but do not want to compromise on the quality of your running shoes, then you must definitely check out this next contender on our list of the Top 15 best men’s running shoes in India. The Campus Rodeo-2 Men’s Running Shoes are one of the most value-for-money running shoes that you can buy in India.

      They come in a wide variety of colors and designs and are best suited for light running and jogging, especially for younger men as the brand is targeted toward college students. They are very lightweight and give you a comfortable fit making your running or jogging a pleasurable experience.

      13ALTRA Men’s Lone Peak 5 Trail Running Shoe

      • Signature ‘FootShape’ Comfort
      • Balanced Cushioning Platform
      • Soft and Comfy Fit
      • Extra Grip Sole

      If money is no issue for you and you’re looking for peak performance, you should definitely check out the Altra Men’s Lone Peak 5 Trail Running Shoes. Altra is an American shorts brand that is known for its high-performance sports shoes.

      These shoes have so many high-end features that you’ll forget about their price (more than Rs. 20,000) once you start using them regularly. The sole is shaped like a human foot on the inside giving you a natural posture while running. Their signature ‘MaxTrac’ outsole provided amazing traction and grip while running making them suitable for any terrain.

      14Nautica Men’s Jogging Quick Dry Shoes

      • Durable Air Mesh Upper And Sneaker Sole
      • Water Resistant & Quick-Dry Material
      • Excellent Traction & Grip
      • Drainage Holes At The Bottom

      If you want running shoes that are as good as Crocs when it comes to water resistance and quick-dry material, then your number one choice should be Nautica Men’s Jogging Quick Dry Shoes. They literally have holes at the bottom which help in draining out the water. These shoes are perfect for running at the beach and you can wear them even around swimming pools and other water bodies or for water sports.

      Want to go for a quick run but it’s raining? Worry not, just get into these shoes and you don’t have to worry about getting them dry afterward. They also provide great traction and grip while running due to the specially designed sole.

      15NIVIA Men Marathon Running Shoe

      • Breathable Mesh Upper
      • Die cut N.R E.VA Sockliner
      • Flexible & Durable
      • Anti-Slip Sole

      The next shoes on our ultimate list of the Top 15 Best Running Shoes For Men In India for 2022 are from a brand that is known for its high-quality footballs. Nivia also makes some great sports shoes and their Men Marathon Running Shoes are the perfect example of this.

      These shoes are highly flexible, and durable and come with an anti-slip grip that gives you good traction while running. It also has a shock-absorbing sole that will reduce the shock impact while running, thus keeping you away from any internal injuries.

      FAQs About Men’s Running Shoes

      16Which brand is the best running shoes for men?

      The best brand for men’s running shoes in India is Reebok. Their shoes are the perfect mix of performance and durability and are also quite affordable.

      17Which men’s running shoes are waterproof?

      The Nautica Men’s Jogging Quick Dry Shoes are completely water-resistant and are made of quick dry material.

      18Which men’s running shoes are best for long-running?

      For long runs or marathons, we recommend that you invest in shoes that have extra cushioning and are made from breathable material.

      This brings us to the end of our ultimate list of the Top 15 Best Running Shoes For Men In India. We hope that this article will help you choose the right pair of jogging shoes for you and make you fitter and healthier.

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