The Best Mens Wallet Brands In India

Who doesn’t love having a good wallet? It’s the perfect combination of convenience and a style statement. A good wallet is a man’s best fried because it helps him to carry his most important stuff securely and conveniently.

As they come in all shapes and sizes and made up of different material like cloth and leather, it may be confusing to find the perfect wallet for you. More over, with so many wallet brands available in India, it can get confusing to choose the best option that fits your requirement.

Thus we have compiled this list of the ‘Best Mens Wallet Brands in India’ so that you get an idea of which brands dominate the market.

The Best Mens Wallet Brands in India

best mens wallet brands in india

Types of Wallet Available From Men In India

Below we have listed some of the major types of wallets that you can buy online in India:

1) Basic Wallets (Bi-Fold & Tri-Fold)

2) Wallets With Coin Pocket

3) Money Clips

4) Minimalist Wallet

5) RFID Wallet

6) Travel Wallet

The Best Brands of Mens Wallets In India

Now that you are aware about the types of wallets, let us see which are the best mens wallet brands in India


Hidesign is a premium leather brands that other than a lot of other products, offers some great wallets for men in India. They have a dedicated fan following that swears by the quality of their products. Hidesign is mostly known for leather men’s wallets that come in a bifold type.

Best Wallets For Men From Hidesign:


Levis as a brand is more famous for their jeans and clothing but they also offer great wallets for men. The trademark ‘Levis’ logo is also a badge that you can flaunt as it is considered as one of the top apparel brands in the world.

They offer wallets in leather and cloth material and in various types like bifold and trifold wallets.


Baggit is an Indian brand founded by Nina Lekhi in 1990 and now has become a multi-crore luggage brand. They are mostly know for ladies handbags but they also have an extensive collection of men’s wallets.

Cost wise they are very affordable and thus it makes Baggit one of the best wallet brands for men in India.

Top 3 men’s wallets from Baggit


Storite is one of the upcoming best wallets brands for men in India. They have some very cool and unconventional designs of men’s wallets. They also have some really good options in card holders that have RFID protection.

Top 3 Mens wallets from Storite


Cross is a famous brand when it comes to ball point pens. As an added offering in their product range, they offer leather wallets for men. They come in attractive colors and are also reasonably priced considering the quality of materials used.

Top 3 Men’s Wallets From Cross:

6Urban Forest

Urban Forest is a brand that is available for sale online and you will not find it in any physical stores. Their pricing is pretty decent and they offer a wide variety of wallets for men in India. 

The urban forest Oliver Black RFID wallet is the best selling wallet on Amazon India and comes packages in an attractive wooden box so it is also a good option if you want to gift it to someone.

Top 3 Wallets For Men From Urban Forest:

7Wild Horn

Another wallet brand that has gained a lot of popularity on e-commerce websites in Wild Horn. These wallets are made with genuine leather and not poly-urethane thus giving it a premium look and feel. Also at a price point that will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Top 3 Men’s Wallets From Wild Horn

8Allen Solly

Allen Solly is one of those men’s fashion brand that you can never go wrong with. If you are looking for a simple yet decent wallet, you can blindly go for this brand. Although it is an Indian brand, it has an international appeal and perception. 

They also use the best quality materials that make the wallets long lasting and keep your money and documents safe and secure for years to come.

Top 3 Wallets For Men From Allen Solly

This brings us to the end of our article on the best wallets brands for men in India. For any feedback/suggestions, write to us at

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