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Beardo Beard Growth Oil Review – Does It Really Work?

We had been waiting to write the Beardo Beard Growth Oil Review for a long time now, so finally its here. You may have heard a lot about the miraculous beard growth oils that are available in the Indian market but not sure whether they are worth buying and trying out?

We have made this job a little easier for you by doing an in-depth review about one of these beard growth oils namely ‘Beardo Beard And Hair Growth Oil‘. So is it really a magic potion that will help you grow a glorious beard? Or is it all smoke and mirrors that will make you regret buying it? Well, let’s find out.

Our product reviews are based on two things.

  1. We take feedback from verified buyers who have used these products. We have own own group of volunteers who actually use these products and give their feedback on it.
  2. We research the internet for every feedback possible about the product so that you don’t have to do the research yourself saving your time.

After carefully doing the research, we rank the product based on certain factor that we feel are crucial to its value. Then we give our rating (out of 5) based on these factors.

Beardo Beard Growth Oil Review

We heard a lot of good things about this beard growth oil thus we thought we would try it out for ourselves and did a little research about this product. The manufacturer claims that this it will help you grow your beard and fix patchy beards and also helps you get smoother and shinier hair.

So first, let us look at what they really claim about this product.

How the Beardo Beard Growth Oil Works

The beardo beard and hair growth oil contains the following main ingredients:

  1. Hibiscus Oil – Traditionally used in many Indian household to help hair growth
  2. Coconut Oil – India’s ultimate remedy on anything related to hair
  3. Amla – Provide nourishment to the skin and scalp to improve hair growth
  4. Sesame – Reduces hair fall and make your hair stronger

Now with a combination like that, an oil has to be great right? But we are sure, Beardo has added some other secret ingredients in the oil too. They won’t disclose the secret to a revolutionary product in public right?

Anyways, it is believed that all these ingredients are responsible for improving the overall health of your scalp and skin, activating hormonal change that help in hair growth. So it seems, it might really work.

How To Use Beardo Beard Growth Oil

To use the beardo beard and hair growth oil, follow these steps:

1) Take a few drops (we suggest take at least 10-15 drops) in your palm

2) Rub them together and then massage your beard slowly.

3) Then keep it on for a few hours and let the oil soak into your skin.

4) After you feel that the oil has been soaked thoroughly enough, wash your face with a facewash or a beard shampoo.

If you want to use it on your head, follow the same procedure.

Does Beardo Bread Growth Oil Really Work?

When we thought of doing this review, there was one big question on everyone’s mind. Does the Beardo beard and hair growth oil really work?

Well the truth is that it does really work. We went through the feedback of many verified users of the oil and almost all of them have given a positive feedback that it does help you grow a beard faster than the natural way and also helps you fix a patchy beard.

The oil only works if you use it regularly and thus we suggest that you keep using the oil for at least six months or till the time that you are happy with the results. It help you to grow a little beard within the first two weeks of use and then after using regularly, you can grow a full long beard.

Does it work on the head? Yes it does work on the hair on your head too. Many users have give a positive feedback that their hairline improved after using this oil.

Beardo Beard And Hair Growth Oil Review

For the purpose of doing the Beardo Beard Growth Oil Review, we found out some points on which we could rank the oil. They are all mentioned below:

  • Price: The Beardo Beard And Hair Growth oil comes in a 50 ml bottle that costs around Rs. 500-750 depending on existing discounts and offers. At this price point some of you may feel that it is a little costly but if it helps you grow your beard or fix a patchy beard, then it is a small price to pay for this miraculous product.
  • Efficiency: With our detailed research, we found out that the oil does actually work and does what the brand claims. Thus we have given it a high rating for efficiency.
  • Ease Of Use: Using this oil is pretty much easy and straight forward. There are no elaborate therapy routines to follow, thus it is pretty easy to use.
  • Ingredients: The oil is made from natural ingredients thus it is easy on your skin and wont cause any harm to it in the long run. Thus we have ranked it high on the ingredients.
  • Packaging: The packaging is quite nifty and attractive . It also makes it easy to apply the oil.
  • Fragrance: The oil smells pretty good and give you a relaxed feeling when it is applied on your face.

Frequently Asked Questions About Beardo Beard And Hair Growth Oil

Yes. According to our observations and research, the oil definitely works. The results may depend on your skin type or usage frequency but users who have used this oil in the past have experienced positive results.

It may take anything between three weeks to two months for our hair to actually start growing and gaining volume after using the Beardo oil regularly.

As the Beardo oil is made mostly from natural ingredients, there are no known side effects. But it is always better to consult with your doctor before using any grooming products to see if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.

User experience shows that the oil is more effective on the beard but it also helps in growing the hair on your head. It helps mostly if you have patchy hair or thinning hair. If there is a completely bald spot, then this oil shows less effectiveness.

Yes. The beardo bread growth oil does actually helps you to grow a beard and also fix a patchy beard. Most of the users have confirmed that it actually helps to grow a beard if it is used on a regular basis for at least 4-6 week.

The Beardo Beard and Hair Growth Oil is the best oil from the brand Beardo for growing a beard.

This was our detailed article about the Beardo Beard Growth Oil Review, if you have tried the oil yourself, please give your feedback below so that others who are looking to buy this product will also get to know your perspective.

For any Suggestions/Feedback on this article, please write to us at [email protected]

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Ease Of Use
Smell & Fragrance


We did the Beardo Beard Growth Oil Review and found out whether it really works or not.
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MGI Team
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Ease Of Use
Smell & Fragrance
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We did the Beardo Beard Growth Oil Review and found out whether it really works or not. Beardo Beard Growth Oil Review - Does It Really Work?