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In today’s world it is not enough being rich, it is essential to become financially independent. Some people struggle all their lives for this but Ayush Bhardwaj made it possible for him just at the age of 20.

In today’s interview with him, he told us some secrets about how to be a verified amazon influencer and became financially independent.

Q) How did you start your journey of becoming a Verified Amazon influencer?

Earlier, I used my social media accounts just for fun but later I realised that I can use them for something productive. I wanted to use my social media accounts to gain some value because I saw many other influencer doing the same.

Thus, I started to create interesting content and started gaining followers after which I signed up for Amazon Influencer program.

Q) At such a young age, how did you gain the knowledge about how to become an verified Amazon influencer?

I came to know about it from a lot of social media bloggers while browsing online and I thought I can do the same with my social media profiles. Thus, I started doing a lot of research about it online and made it my goal to gain full knowledge about it.

Q) How do you manage your time between studies and your profession?

I am a bachelor’s degree student and I make sure that I divide my time between studies and my influencer work equally. I usually create my content on the weekends and the holidays and create it in bulk so that I can post it during the other days of the week too.

Ayush Bhardwaj
Start early if you want to be succesful – Ayush Bhardwaj

Q) What is the biggest achievement of your influencer career till now?

There are two biggest achievements that I had till now this profession. One is getting verified on Amazon as an Influencer which had been my dream since a long time. The second achievement is sharing my successes with my parents and making them proud.

Q) What type of content does your audience like and how do you keep your followers engaged?

I am really good at reviewing products an also at fashion blogging and that’s why my audience likes to see content related to it. So I continuously try to create reviews about new products and now I am planning to start grooming tips for men but in an affordable manner. I feel this will keep them more engaged with my content.

Q) How has your life changed after you became an influencer?

After becoming an Influencer, my friends and family appreciate my work very much and they’re really proud of me. And yes, I also gathered a lot of haters but I like them because they push me to work better every time.

Q) Do you have any tips that you want to give to aspiring amazon influencers?

As an influencer, I learn from the other influencer who have become successful in my domain. Thus I want to give the same suggestion to aspiring Amazon influencers that find a role model for yourself and follow them very closely.

Q) What message do have for young guys like you who want to become financially independent?

Always share your plans with your parents and your friends because they will support you for everything. Just give your 110% in your work without ignoring your studies. Start early because it takes time for this work to show results and win the trust of your audience.

Ayush Bhardwaj – A Succesful Verified Amazon Influencer

Finally Ayush Bhardwaj wants to give us the message that in his early days nobody supported him but he didn’t lose hope and kept on going without listening to others and having a good mind set.

This is his story about how he became a verified Amazon Influencer at such a young age and became financially independent. You can follow Ayush Bhardwaj on Instagram @imayushbhardwaj

If you are someone or know someone with a similar story or if you want to share any story with the world, get in touch with us and we would be glad to publish it in our MGI Magazine.


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